Conversations with God ~ "I want to be content."

Conversations with God - Week 1

So here we are.

My conversations with God.

Not exactly what I was expecting to start sharing.

But thrilled to follow through with God's plan to get personal in my words to you, the lovely reader.

It is going to be different than my past writing and lessons.

It is getting real for me now; with a time to simply tell you about my actual real life talks with God.

I promise you it is a genuine account of my discussions with the Almighty.

Expect it to be relatively short and most likely relevant to your life story.

Occasionally you may get a long tale of an especially good lesson that requires a background.

I may stick with this informal format and grammar because it feels like me right now, sharing real stuff.

Feel free to have you own heart to heart with God as you read and maybe even question me.

I dearly love to write for you. This more personal series is especially sweet for me, although I know there may be a few skeptics out there.

I pray that God will touch you in an extremely special way throughout these posts so that your conversations with Him may increase.

Conversations with God - I said, "God, I want to be content."

Listening to one of my favorite pastors the other day, brought to my attention the need we all have to be content just where we are in life. Should we strive for more and expect great tomorrows? Of course. But for today, for now, for the moment we are in - we could greatly benefit from being content.

Sounds like a wonderful idea, however it does not seem so easy to achieve (this contentment.) Some days I just don't feel content with life. I look at my life, and it is pretty nice. I have what I need. No serious complaints. So why do I feel dissatisfied with life sometimes.

Recently I had to ask God (because I needed to know lol), "What is wrong with me? Why don't I feel content with life?"

I start too many conversations with God with "What's wrong with me?" I know I have a good life. So that seems to pop out often. I continued to get really bold with Him and asked "Is this it? Is this all life has to offer for me?"

Wow Truly! Was it necessary to go that far? My God, your God, our God, wants us to be open and completely honest with our feelings. He knows them well. Therefore I just let it out from time to time with Him.

My answer:

My answer from God was "Name one reason you should be content with your life right now."

So my mind starts spitting out physical reasons - I have a nice car, home, clothing.. then it redirects to I have great family, friends...

Before I can utter any of my thoughts aloud,

He (God) says: "You only need one reason to be content. Just one."


End of conversation.

God gives me these fantastic sharp, indisputable replies so many times. I usually get a good laugh from it because that kind of wisdom is just so darn sensible. These answers I receive are perfect. You just accept it, laugh at your human self and agree. Also it stays in my mind as I go through my day.

This day I saw my true contentment is in Jesus. What else do I need? I don't need more than a Savior in the scheme of things.

Now did you like that? I hope so. It is a true discussion I had with our Father God. It is really fun actually. Not always in the beginning, but it works out really well in the end.

Meditation for the Week:

God says: "You only need one reason to be content. Just one."


Love you all,

Truly, the messenger only

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