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Physical Pain and the Holy Spirit

Hi friend,

Are you suffering from physical pain in your body?

Does it feel overpowering at times with all consuming thoughts of your discomfort?

I have recently experienced some physical pain in my body unlike anything I had it the past. Sometimes my body just hurts with bad aches. Several doctors have been unable to find a diagnosis. A specialist finally found some medicine that can alleviate the pain pretty well.

I only mention this personal information to let you know that I can relate to the subject of physical pain at this time. God has graciously given me a revelation regarding the mindset and thoughts that accompany pain. It is my honor to share it with you. This message from God enlightened me with a heavenly perspective. My hope and prayer is that you dear one receive the same or more.

Does your pain and discomfort, even suffering, seem all-consuming at times? Is the flesh screaming at you for relief with all focus on the body?

My mind and emotions have encountered this with the pain I feel. My thoughts center on the body in distress. I call to my Creator often, pleading for alleviation from this state: also making the same pleas for others with pain and perhaps worse pain than mine. I am well aware of friends and family members afflicted with a much greater degree of pain than mine. I have gained much more sympathy and a sadness for them.

Do you feel, with the fixation on your body, that no other part of you exist? If yes, I have some very good news for you. God gave me some truth to this.

When you are in physical pain with your focus centered on the flesh, the flesh is actually NOT the only part of you taking action. For Christians, we speak to God concerning our difficulties. Our cries and pleas to God for relief demonstrate the Holy Spirit in us recognizing the true source of contentment - God. What sounds like grumbling and exasperation in your thoughts and words, are in truth your trust in your God. Yes, these petitions and prayers are evidence of your faith and dependence on God the Father.

Whether you have appeals for health, questioning why or angry complaints about your condition - this is the Holy Spirit inside of you displaying dependence of God. Why else would you even communicate to the Creator if you did not believe in Him?

Although healing has not yet arrived; your spirit, heart and soul have not given up on Almighty God and Jesus. The body and it's pain is only one part of your being. It may be loud and stubborn, however you petitions to God prove the Spirit is equally active in you. This displays your trust in God to help.

The good news here is the pain in our bodies is not overtaking us. There is clear evidence in our minds and thoughts that we have many parts, and they prevail as well as the flesh. So take courage in your pain my friend knowing that your heart, soul and Spirit are strong.


Published 3/11/2024

Writer: Truly Peters (Kernea)

Author: GOD


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