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Meditation is Easy! ~ Week 2

GOD HAS PLANS - how do you feel about that?


Hello wonderful women of God!

Last week we began our meditation on Jeremiah 29:11. We learned several techniques that were quite simple. Continue using those techniques this week also, but add one more. It is our question of the week. When I used this particular meditation in the past, I was surprised by the rejoicing that came with it. It changed my attitude and helped me think more like Jesus! That's what we want - to think more like Jesus! Right? You must try it!

Question of the Week: Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD. If God knows the plans he has for me, how should I feel knowing this? How should you feel? Write down your answer. This is important. I really want you to write your answer on a piece of paper. Think about how you should feel instead of how you do feel. This is going to be great for you! Next: Now say it aloud.

God knows the plans he has for me, therefore I am - (insert your answer) -

This is your new meditation for the week! Now that is easy! Watch your week become more joyful, as you declare theses words throughout each day. God wants to give you a big dose of joy and happiness in this week's mediation. Let him by meditating and announcing these good words.

That’s it for this week! See how easy God is making it for us dear ladies. He really loves you and adores your meditation on His Word! Love, Truly

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