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Meditation is Easy Part 2 ~ Week 4

Where is Your Confidence?

Proverbs 3:5 NIV Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. We have now learned to trust in God by taking refuge in Him, by letting Him shield us from trouble. We learned to visualize that shield protecting us as we say the words, “I trust in the LORD.” Learning to visualize the spiritual realm and imagine it will be very powerful for us with scriptures we learn. It can take us to a place where we once had seen nothing. We are visualizing the unseen. We are helping our faith grow in the unseen. Just know that God is really working in us at this time. He definitely has a prosperous plan of good for us. He is teaching us so much in order to prepare us for his plan. Take joy and hope in that today. This week we will look at another aspect of trust in our verse. This is a very important word for us to grasp. So we will not speed through it. We want to get a great understanding of this word to put in action in our lives. Trust is taking refuge in God. Trust also translates in parts of the Old Testament as confidence. What do you have confidence in today? Think about it. Looking at your life where is your confidence? Are you confident in your brilliant mind? Your awesome talents? Your fantastic skills? Your beauty? Your power?

Are you confident in your knowledge? Your education? Your experience? Exactly where does your daily confidence lie? This is what we are going to examine this week. It's time for a little self-awareness, which is necessary for change sometimes. Here's the question to examine this week: What do you have real confidence in as you go through life? Look at that this week. I think that could be a difficult one to examine. I can't even give you a quick answer other than I try to have confidence in God. But does trying display confidence? I don't know. But I am sure God is ready to teach us something good. As you go through your day, pose that question to yourself. What gives me confidence to continue on in life? Why have I not given up and still move ahead? Where is this confidence coming from that helps me keep going? You may see your confidence comes from God, but also look to see where else you may be getting it. This may not seem like the easiest assignment from God, but we will have faith that God has a plan for us with it. We know that God knows the plans that he has for us, and we will be obedient with his instructions.

Throughout your day watch where you see your confidence. Do you feel secure in going to work because of the income? Do you feel secure going to school because of the future job? Do you feel confidence in your car and rely on it to get you to your destinations?

What do you rely on everyday? your home, your job, your car, your spouse, your parent, your child, your brain, your talent, your work ethic, your education, your experience?

Jot down these things as you think of them. Use paper, your phone, your computer or whatever is handy. Write them down! Head it with MY Confidence and Trust Come From, and list them. What do you rely on in your everyday life? This exercise is important, yet easy! Also, stick with Proverbs 3:5 for meditation this week:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart. Have a week learning more about yourself and examining your confidence. I pray that God will reveal to you those things to help you grow in Him. May He also cover you in his shield as you trust Him.

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