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Who You Are, Not What You Do.

Just a little word from God for you today. "I love you for who you are and not what you do" - says your Creator.

These few words changed my day and my week. My worries for all that needs to be done and concerns if I am doing them good enough softened. I looked at my heart instead of my accomplishments. I looked at my heart from God's perspective of unconditional love for me.

My very own Creator loves me and my heart. He is not concerned with my unchecked to-do list, my not getting it right all the time and my unfinishedness (real word lol.) If we could only see what his loving eyes gaze upon us when viewing our hearts. He can see that love we have for Him and others. It is endearing to him.

As we continue with our to-do lists, take a deep breath and hear God say "I love you for who you are and not what you do." Oh we will move forward with our different daily tasks and work, but maybe we can move forward with more peace looking at the big picture from God's eyes.

Love you all.


*inspired by "Jesus Calling" March 3rd reading by Sarah Young

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