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Quick to Listen

Conversations with God

Week 2

Truly: "God, help me with Relationships!"

God: "Be quick to listen and slow to speak."

Ladies, this simple lesson is something I need to be reminded of often. I want to be the person quick to listen, and slow to speak. Why do I need a reminder? Why can't I just always be quick to listen? I guess it is because my mind seems to be racing a lot of the time. Do you feel this way sometimes?

I want to add one word to this super wise Bible verse that God talked to me about recently. It is the word "relax." God told me to relax prior to some following instructions. I loved hearing the Creator of All, King of kings, tell me to relax. If He tells me to relax, then I know it is possible. He knows every part of my being. I can certainly listen to my Maker tell me to relax!

Now let's add this amazing word to our verse for the week!


Be Quick to Listen,

and Slow to speak.

Start by relaxing. Take a minute or a few minutes to relax, slow breaths, look at the sky, see the big picture... whatever it takes.


Then be quick to listen

and slow to speak.

I believe the relax step helps us perform the next two steps.

Let's try it this week while trusting God to help us do it.



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