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"May I take that please?" He asked so politely.

Conversations with God

Week 5

Here we are again with another recent conversation to share. It seems that my lovely chats with our God are either increasing for your benefit (and mine) or this series is helping me tune in to his voice more often. Whatever the case, it is a true honor to share them with you. My humble desire in this series is that your conversations with God grow and those I share become yours as well.

This is unfamiliar territory for this writer. Exposing my personal mental activity so openly gives me a little hesitation at times. But I plug on trusting our God.

My recent thoughts, perhaps concerns, have been saying this old line

"What if?"

"What if this is not true?"

"What if this happens?"

"What if this does not happen?"

"What if I am wrong about that?"

"What if it does not work out?"

I pray, talk, and question my Maker with a variety of "What ifs" lately. God made it apparent to me yesterday that these "What ifs" are care that I am carrying. So listen to this fabulous question our Father God so politely asked me in his no-non sense tone that I adore.

Truly: "What if...?"

God: "Truly, May I take that please?" "Yes, that care."

Did God just ask me in such a courteous manner to take my care? It was as if I had just arrived as a guest in his home, and he asked to take my coat. It felt that easy. I handed it right to him, as if my care was going to a coat closet for safe keeping so I can enjoy my time.

Something about the words with the cordial tone left me in a position to do nothing other than hand that care over to him.

God: "May I take that please?"

Listen for those words right now. Imagine the tone, so gracious and pleasant. I so hope you can hear it as I hear it. It is calming. It is real.

It is accommodating.

Best of all - I complied with the request. I let him take that care and concern. Just handed it right to him (like a coat for the host to put away.)

1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your care upon him; for he cares for you."

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