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Deliver God's Favor!

Conversations with God - Week 10

Hello dear readers. Are you ready to deliver goodness for God?

My recent conversations with God have been centered around actions that I need to take with God's favor. These acts concern helping others see the benevolence and loving kindness of God. This I find very exciting! It would be thrilling to open eyes to see God's favor more. Read on to see exactly what our Father God asks of us, so that other people can experience the goodness of God.

I am very familiar with God's favor thanks to the teachings God has given me over the years. I have learned to recognize God's goodness, and even search for it. My friends, family and I talk about receiving the favor of God often. We praise Him for it. We share stories about it. We are very grateful. The more we learned and talked about the goodness of God, the greater it seemed to show up. Acknowledging the good gifts of God in our lives grew our expectations for more. And it arrived. We see it often. So I would love to share it!

A recent chat with God:

God: "Truly, it's time to deliver my favor."

God: "Don't just receive it, deliver my goodness to others."

Truly: "I would love to do that father God."

Truly: "How?"

Truly: "How will I know when it is right or how to do it exactly?"

God: "Look for opportunities."

Truly: "I will, but how will I know what to do exactly?"

God: "Simply look Truly"

God: "You will see both big and small opportunities. Deliver my favor to my people ."

God: "Enjoy grateful for this time,"

God: " Deliver my good gifts in the name of the true giver."

I know the true giver of good is God. I understand that it is more than just doing kind acts. I need to simply act as the delivery person only. And in that role, I must disclose the true Giver. For I am only the delivery person. It is a role I am honored to accept. I thank God for such a time as this that I can help deliver his benevolence and love to his people. I will declare, proclaim and announce that I am the mere delivery person for God. I will make known to the receiver that I was given this role from God, and He alone carries good and perfect gifts.

Please consider joining me in accepting the role of the delivery person for God's favor. I look forward to it. I have already begun keeping my eyes wide open for opportunities to bring God's good to others.

James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

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