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Sit quietly in My Presence. You can do it.

Sit Quietly (The Recipe for Stillness - Week 3)

“Sit quietly in My Presence, allowing My light to soak into you and drive out any darkness lodged within you.”

– JESUS (from Jesus Calling, Oct 7th)

Allow the Light of Jesus to actually soak into you.

Let this light come to you. Accept it. Agree to it. What are you waiting for?

This can be done. Seriously.

It is not all that mysterious.

You can accept the request to sit quietly in the presence of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. God gave us steps, like a recipe, in a recent study called The Recipe for Stillness. It is a simple recipe yet loaded with power. This particular recipe speaks of stillness with the Holy Spirit. However, it applies to God (the Father), God (the Son) and God (the Holy Spirit.)

One step that is extremely helpful in your sitting quietly is an invitation. Yes, invite the Holy Spirit into your time and space.


The Recipe for Stillness

(steps from God)

We are inviting the Holy Spirit to be with us on earth. Our hearts want Him ever so close to comfort, counsel, and guide us. Requesting His presence is honorable. This request is no plea for help. It is simply a call forth of His presence. It is a bidding of the Holy Spirit to come close to us. He is close; however, the invitation is a tender admission of love to Him.

Invite the Holy Spirit into your quiet time. You got this!

Read more steps in the two previous blog posts (The Recipe for Stillness Part 1 & 2) or purchase the PDFs at the store for only a $1 donation each. A PDF format will allow you to have the study at your fingertips and easy to print. Go to SHOP from the website menu. Receive the download immediately after you purchase it.

The two-part study includes a written invitation and prayer to the Holy Spirit. You will love them.

Let your heart relish in the love of the Holy Spirit in your stillness.

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