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Richly Present

He is Richly Present

(Written July 19 -22, 2021)

“I am richly present in all your moments.”

From Jesus Calling, July 18

These words rang loud to me on July 18th! They pressed on my heart even more so than all the love I felt the day before. I heard His voice sweetly, yet powerfully remind me of His presence in all of my days, but especially July 17th, just a few days ago.

You see July 17th was a gathering of so many people my husband and I adore. And it was all planned on our behalf, to celebrate our destination wedding this past April.

Due to several factors (including Covid-19), instead of a small wedding with family and friends, Scott and I had a private beach wedding. It was the two of us, a sweet minister and photographer. I managed to ask another guest at our condominium complex to videotape the ceremony. No, I ain’t scared to talk to strangers and request that she take a role in my wedding. Lol.

We missed those we love being there, however I am convinced that God had a hand in all of it! I was nervous for two days before our little private ceremony. So I can only imagine my nerves bursting at the seams with a wedding with actual guests, chairs, arbor, rehearsal dinner…

The wedding weather that April day was a gift from heaven with a soft breeze sweeping the beautiful sunset. The ocean waves broadcast the creation of God as our backdrop. Then our agreement with the Biblical words from our kind minister confirmed our endless loyalty and love for each other. God joined us together firmly that day.

After we returned from our dreamy beach honeymoon, my sister and mother had a plan to bring to life what was missing on that April 19th sunset. They wanted to celebrate our wedding by hosting a reception luncheon inviting all those lovely faces we missed as we said, “I do.” That was nothing we expected to ever pull off on our own. We didn’t even think of anything more that setting a place and time for our families to meet. So my sweet, generous sister and mother insisted that we celebrate. And the mission began.

Although this event was not a full wedding, preparations for this reception luncheon were met with much thought to every detail. My sister and I tend to look at every angle and option when addressing a project. Does it slow down the process? Absolutely, but it is in our DNA apparently.

From choosing a date when all the families and friends (in and out-of-town) could attend to finding a splendid venue, the to-do-list began to multiply. We did of course spend ample time seeking a most beautiful invitation. You get the idea – there was a good amount of planning for this day of celebration.

Decisions had to be made regarding: the venue, date and time, guest list, invitation, menu, floral arrangements, wedding cake, event space configuration, balloon arch, welcome sign, attire and more.

I mention all of this so you can get an idea of our mindsets. It seemed that everything depended on us to make it all come together. My sister did the majority of the work making everything absolutely gorgeous with her great artistic sense of style. My mother was on board with every plan and very helpful with her desire to make this day extra special. I took part in choosing what I liked with each element along with advice from my mom and sister.

So finally after a couple of months of preparation, on July 17, 2021, the reception luncheon arrived.

Guests began to arrive at 12pm received by a grand view of the city in our elegant stateroom. The tables were adorned in crisp white linens topped with fragrant floral arrangements made of stunning white lilies, white roses and an array of handsome greenery. A dazzling white, silver and gold balloon arch wrapped over a gold vintage mirror got the party started stating “Congrats Truly & Scott” in modern hand lettering. The creamy white wedding cake topped with fresh flowers matching the arrangements tantalized our taste buds.

Ladies and gentlemen arrived in cheerful colors adding to the festive vibe. It was a most happy day as the hugs, smiles and cheer were rightly contagious. Old friends met again after miles apart. Our families welcomed each other now no longer strangers, but now connected by me and Scott. The day felt as if we had just finished a ceremony with a minister and photographer, and this group witnessed it because it was a place brimming with love. It can best be described in my eyes as positively joyful. The day was perfect with the exquisite ambiance accompanied by sounds of merriment in the room.

Now days later, my mind is still flooded with sweet memories reeling like a movie in my head. This all leads us back to the morning of July 18th when I read my precious daily devotional, Jesus Calling. The words “I am richly present in all your moments” shouted at me. In all the planning, preparation, creating, designing and decision making – Jesus was richly present in every moment.

How could I not see that at the time?

Many times I recognized God’s favor as each step worked out so well. I even mentioned His favor often. We all did. However, I did not see Jesus present, richly present, in the process. During the event, I did not look for Him. Maybe it was too overwhelming in human love. It does hurt my heart that I gave no credit to Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit. No words in my brief speech mentioned the One who actually orchestrated it all through my loved ones, guiding them with heaps of creativity and amazing zeal. That One is Jesus.

When Jesus let the words from my devotional ring extra loud to me; it was not to bring any guilt or cause condemnation. (Satan pushed that in the equation.) “I am richly present in all your moments” was a reminder, rather a truth, to discern. He wanted me to see heaven’s perspective that He is always present.

Now my memories of that outstanding day for me and my husband include a most important view - a spiritual view.

I see Jesus escorting each smiling guest to greet the magnificent view of His world through the towering windows showing off the city. Then He leans in next to them to turn their attention to the joy bursting in the room from guests, family, the bride and the groom. Jesus moves through the room admiring the flowers from His Father’s creation and the food from His provision. He sits at different round top tables listening to lovely conversations enjoying the glee in the atmosphere. Mentions of Him, God or the Holy Spirit are met with His delight. He was there for every moment, richly present.

Jesus is also present in everyday moments, including the ordinary and mundane days with no highs or lows. When there are lows and difficulties, His presence is in abundance as well.

So today as I wrap up this story, I revel in the thoughts of Jesus being near me always, even now as I sit solitary on my sofa with pen and paper. When I leave my house later to meet my friend for lunch and a Costco trip; He is richly present in each moment.

My new favorite meditation is

“I am richly present in all your moments.”

Please join me in meditating and praising this loving truth.

Acts 17: 27-28 AMP

This was so that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grasp for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. For in Him we live and move and exist [that is, in Him we actually have our being], as even some of your own poets have said, “For we also are His children.”


Published 7/26/2021

Written 7/19 -7/22/2021

Writer: Truly Peters (Truly Kernea)

Author: GOD


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