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Trust Me First

Trust Me First

“Trust me first” are the words that I recently heard from God. As I continued to listen, I began to understand a new way to trust God on another level. This is something that I desperately needed at the time. It has been several weeks since God brought me these valuable lessons in trust. So now I can see the progress. It is my honor to share these lessons from God with you. These are God's words to me, and now to you dear friends.

Your Creator says, “Trust me first.”

He says:

Trust me first.

Trust me before trusting another.

Trust me before trusting a circumstance

a place

a person

a thought

a feeling.

(God is still speaking.)

When in distrust covered with doubt, suspicion, or misgivings - trust me first. It is the only way to survive your disturbing emotions and mindset. Focus on my goodness, care, and truth first. Don’t go to others for advice and comfort when I am here. Trust me above all people, ideas, reasoning, feelings, and perceptions. This is where the walls tumble down to bring you peace.

Trust me before trusting a thought, especially any thought that causes disbelief in my Word, promises and love for you. Trust me before any thought that harms your heart. Sometimes a thought alone is not necessarily true, lacking any evidence of its existence or future. This is called worry and fear. What is your proof? Is it simply a feeling? Do you sense that something is wrong despite having seen no clear grounds to support it?

Maybe you have a troubling thought that does have some merit, should you trust it before Me? Will you put more confidence in that single consideration in your mind over your God? Trust me first, over a thought, an emotion, a doubt, a feeling, and anything that disputes my great love and care for you.

Trust me first.


I began this process of trying to trust God before any harmful or negative thought began to fester (intensify.) I started to realize that my thoughts are something that happens to me, but not in any way define me. I know God. I believe God. He loves me and wants only good for me. A disturbing thought in my head is just that. It is only a thought. It may not even be true. Even if it is true and upsetting, it is still no more than a thought when I consider who to trust first.

This new viewpoint of a thought has been putting my mind at ease. In the past, thoughts seemed to rule me as being the truth much of the time. More often now, I look at something worrisome that pops in my mind as less meaningful. I say to myself, “That is no more than a consideration.” It is a speculation or contemplation. Thought does not equal truth. Thought does not mean actual. Thought does not mean fact always. I cannot let an alarming, distressing thought dismiss the truth of God and His love for me.

I trust God first over this thing entering mind with or without any merit of truth. God is for me, not against me.

I challenge you dear friend to change your view of an upsetting thought that pops into your head. Don't let it rule you. Regard it as insignificant compared to who you trust first. You trust your Loving, All Mighty Creator above anything. You trust Him first.

God says, "Trust me first."

Published 9/5/2022

Writer: Truly Peters (formerly Truly Kernea)

Author: GOD


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