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People and my destiny

Conversations with God

Week 7

Yep, another chat with God has arrived. How does one describe a particular situation without revealing too many details in order to preserve some privacy? It’s a fine line my dearest readers, but I will do my best.

This chat was a result of something that occurred at work. Maybe many of you will relate to it and apply this dose of God’s wisdom to your challenges. It worked wonders for me.

Work can present disappointment even in the best of jobs. A while back I felt hurt over a situation in my sweet job. Did anyone do anything malicious or unkind to me? No, not really. However when you work with others in my arena, you become an odd family of sorts. You love each other as a team. You all fight for the same thing. You may not have relationships outside of the doors of work, but there is a camaraderie, a trust and a love of sorts. So occasionally you hit a patch of discontent, like in all relationships.

I came across this a few months ago. In the midst of letting my emotions win the battle over my trust in my Creator, God stepped in.

God: “Do you have a problem with my favor?”

Truly: “What?” (Yes, that’s the best response I could come up with)

Truly: laughing, more laughing

(God has given me many words to share in a study about his favor and goodness. Therefore I knew where this might be going. I need to focus on the goodness of God and not people's actions.)

Truly: “No sir.”

Truly: “No sir, I have no problem with your favor.”

God: “Know that people do not control your destiny Truly.”

God: “I control your destiny. You gave it to me when you accepted my Son”

God: “People never control your destiny. I do.”

Wow! Talk about changing my perspective on a situation. I immediately saw everything in a new light. It was instant. I basically lost all sight of any hurt and fell right back to loving my girls at work. No forgiveness needed. The problem, as I saw it, was blank, nonexistent. Now that is the power of God. There is no other explanation.

So the next time you find yourself in an unpleasant place, let God ask you: “Do you have a problem with my favor?”

And look at the goodness your Father pours over you and remember He alone controls your destiny.

You can do that! And feel so so loved.

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