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My Despair and My God of Hope

HOPE for the Brokenhearted - Week 1

despair - hopeless, disheartened, discouraged, anguish...

Dear Lovely Ladies,

It seems to be the time for me to reach out to those of you feeling despair or maybe to those of you with friends dealing with this unfortunate place.

I am familiar with the emotions and mindset of despair. At one time in my life many years ago, I was hit with hopelessness when I went through a very sorrowful time of divorce. However, it has passed. I do still remember and

do so to help you my dear friend.

For friends of someone going through anguish such as this, please consider reading these words to help that someone in need. Everyone dealing with despair can use a strong person in their corner. She needs you now. I can help you comfort her through the God of hope.

I want to start with a personal plea from my heart to you dear one that is hurting right now. So please take a minute to read my heart in words dedicated to you.

After my heart talk with you, I will give you a very simple lesson to bring you at least a little comfort to your heart and mind. We will take it slow and easy in the beginning. But watch out, some miraculous things will be coming your way later.



This is what I will do for you! I will pray. I will believe for you. I will love when you fill empty. I will be strong on your behalf. I am here for you. I don't care about our distance or if we never met. God gave me love for you and desire to heal your heart with Him.

I am his messenger to you, and it is an honor to be used. Give God the glory for any relief, comfort or healing you receive from these words. It is God who loves you so very much that He reaches out to you through ordinary people like me. I am darn ordinary for sure. lol.

My first prayer for you:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13 NIV

The only thing that I want you to take from this verse at this time is this:

There is a God of hope.

You have a God of hope.

Although you feel despair and sadness, you still have a God of hope. Your turbulent emotions may dismiss this truth due to the inability to overcome the great amount of sorrow temporarily. However, this does not make void the truth that God is a God of hope and only hope. So despite your very strong feelings of discouragement and your suffering, the fact remains true that you have a God of hope!

Your God of hope is unchangeable. The hope never leaves.

EASY ACTION: Let's simply start with this one truth and hang on to it the best we can. I don't even want you to take steps to find your own hope. I only request that you conclude that your God is a God of hope. That's all you need to do right now.

While your emotions whirl around causing all sorts of bad thoughts, tears, cries, questions, screams, shock and much more - tell yourself this reality:

"I have a God of hope. That is all I need to know at this time."

Say these words often. Include them in your thoughts even as the painful ones arrive. Give these six words equal opportunity to occupy your mind. Your brain and heart deserve a good piece of news.

Trust me dear friend, I know your hurt. I have not forgotten that hurt. No years can fade those memories of despair. When I write to you now healed from the tremendous heartache and enjoying some peace - for you I go back in time and remember.

My greatest desire is to comfort you somehow. So I do not mind brief encounters of those days of distress. It is an honor to serve you.

SIX words is all I ask of you!

"I have a God of hope!"


If you like the heart talk I shared, it is available on the FREEBIES page in digital format. It can also be found on the SHOP page as a framed art print and a postcard. Of course it does not have my name on it so you can share it with others.

Republished 3/6/2021

Writer: Truly Kernea

Author: GOD

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