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Welcome the Holy Spirit into Your Atmosphere

Your Helper, the Holy Spirit - Week 4

This particular study comes at a very good time while a lot of people are feeling a sense of uneasiness and perhaps anxiety. The world is looking much different right now. I wrote this Bible Study series several years ago. I published it again starting on February 24, 2020 before the crisis had really hit our country. This study is absolutely relevant and helpful in these times.

This week's study can bring you peace and comfort your heart. I strongly encourage you to read it and apply the awesome meditation activity.

We have been learning about and experiencing more of the Holy Spirit the last few weeks, and it has been amazing. My heart and mind have been elevated to new levels of comfort knowing I have heavenly help available every day. I have been describing the Holy Spirit as our Personal Assistant in an attempt for us to form a mental image of him with us on earth.

Today I am going to shift to another view that I want you to see. This aspect of the Holy Spirit will take us to a very reverent and loving look at our Helper. This is going to stir your heart and emotions in a way that you will love the Holy Spirit even more.

Have you actually invited the Holy Spirit into your presence?

Did you tell your Helper that he is welcome into your space and atmosphere where you dwell daily?

I found a song that is a beautiful invitation for him. It is called "Holy Spirit" by Francesca Battistelli. You may have heard it in church. Today we will take a few lines from the song to create our invitation to the Holy Spirit. I want you to listen to the song in the attached video because I want your heart to receive this sincere feeling of gratefulness to your Helper.

I know you are busy, but give your heart a gift today. Your heart deserves it! Let it have a few tender moments. Your heart will pay you back with a sense of rest. Ladies I am not going to beg (yes I am), but please soak in this time welcoming your Helper into your life!

Listen to the video now! Pay particular attention to the verses:

“Holy Spirit you are welcome here.

Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.”

Did you listen? Did your heart love it?

I will keep this short and go straight to our activity of meditation for the busy week. We will simply go throughout our days, in our atmosphere, and tell our Helper:

“Holy Spirit you are welcome here.

Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.”

I think this week would be a perfect time to not to focus on our requests for our Helper, the Holy Spirit, but give him a genuine embrace from our heart. It is a great idea. Right? Your heart is going to be thrilled to get so much attention this week! That wonderful heart of yours has a right to it. You gave it to Jesus. It is a Jesus heart. Treat it well!

This week do nothing more than welcome the Holy Spirit with your heart to your atmosphere. Just use these 2 verses:

“Holy Spirit you are welcome here.

Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.”

You all are in my prayers right now.



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