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BEWARE! People are Fishing (phishing) in Your Private Lake!

Check this nonsense out!

Someone went fishing (phishing) for me today!

They used my personal, darling little email account as their lake of choice.

They used my email account name as their prized fishing rod.

They used Netflix and iTunes as their tasty bait.

They did get a nibble from me due to the popular bait.

The bait appeared to be genuine with a quick look.

But with closer inspection, I discovered an artificial lure.

They went to great strides to create a lure to resemble the real McCoy.

My nibble did involve a click.

Quickly my email safety provided me with an alert.

I did some research to find this was a fishing (phishing) expedition.

This fisherman (phisherman) never uses the catch and release method.

He is out for you, your info and your money.


From: The Federal Trade Commission


Phishing - When internet fraudsters impersonate a business to trick you into giving out your personal information, it’s called phishing. Don't reply to email, text, or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information. Don’t click on links within them either – even if the message seems to be from an organization you trust. It isn’t. Legitimate businesses don’t ask you to send sensitive information through insecure channels.

See the email I received below. I added the phisherman's (secret) tools of the trade in BOLD for you! This is the email I received today from a criminal, not a fisherman or a phisherman. A criminal!



Receipt - LON662756610819016464 Itunes ®

Yesterday, 7:19 PM You


Dear ----my website address---, --THE PRIZED FISHING ROD--

This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription

Name of Subscription:

Netflix 1S Plan --THE TASTY BAIT--

Name of Application:


Content Provider:

Netflix, Inc.

Date of purchase:

05 January 2017

Subscription Period:

2 month



Payment Method:

iTunes account

The subscription period will automatically renew unless you turn it off no later than 48 hours before the end of the current period. To cancel auto-renewal or manage your subscriptions, click below and sign in.

You can cancel a Subscription at any time:

Cancel/Refund Subscriptions (link) --THE NET--

Regards, The iTunes Store team --THE TASTY BAIT--


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