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I restore. - God

Conversations with God

Week 3

Truly: "Restore really?"

I recently heard one of my favorite ministers teaching about restoration from God. He repeatedly said "God will restore what is broken in you life." I so appreciated hearing that over and over again. I thought "Is this really true, and if so when?" I have a few things broken in my life or more like lost.

These words from this amazing man of God lifted a burden off my heart to some degree. So I praised God, and ask for more info (of course.)

It went like this:

Truly: "Restore, really?"

God: "I restore, not you."

Truly: "Oh."

God: "I restore."

God: "I may use you or another, but I do the restoring. I mend the brokenness. I repair the damage."

Let me tell you, that was such a relief. Of course, I am aware that God is a God of restoration. But the words "I restore, not you" took the weight off my heart. I may not see any immediate change in my situation, but I feel lighter, more carefree about it. Hallelujah.

Share with me a feeling of being actually carefree (free of care of that situation that needs repair.) Just meditate with me on these words from God:

"I restore, not you." - God

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