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How to Handle Unkindness from Others, God’s Point of View


Hello sweet friends. I am sharing a post that was published several years ago. However, it is very relevant now and always. I hope you enjoy God's perspective, and it gives you a new view of unkindness in the world.

Recently I have become aware of some people close to me encountering a good amount of unkindness from others. This behavior is hurtful to them. Thus, this causes me much sympathy and desire to take away such pain. I know many people suffer from insensitivity from people around them. I have certainly felt my heart sadden from uncaring actions. While praying for these friends, God gave me a beautiful revelation to help those hurting from unkindness. I pray that sharing this will bring hope and peace to anyone distressed from an unkind act.

God is kind. God is loving. God is full of lovingkindness for you. This lovingkindness is grand! It is magnificent and extravagant! God’s lovingkindness is excessive. It is expressed most profoundly through the sacrifice of his one and only son for our salvation.

We may live in a world that does not always demonstrate kindness and consideration, but that does not make void the ultimate kindness – God’s lovingkindness. When hurt arrives from human rude behavior you cannot disregard your well supplied lovingkindness available at all times from God.

Do not abandon the kindness of the Almighty when mere humans act uncaring. Why? Because looking toward God’s kindness will actually overshadow the world’s acts of insensitivity and thoughtlessness. Focusing on the absolute lovingkindness of God will cast a shadow over other unkind deeds. This shadow, that hangs over the deed, covers it with insignificance. Keeping our thoughts on God’s lovingkindness toward us allows earthly hurtful behavior to become clouded and trivial.

I know what you are thinking. Me too! We question, “Is it really that simple?” We ask, “Is it easy?” I can’t tell you that God said it is easy or simple because I did not hear that. I do know that it is possible and capable of being done. God would not reveal a principle to us unless it is obtainable for us.

I love the image of a shadow to help us see this truth with visualization (a God given tool). Go ahead try it. Look at God’s lovingkindness in your life and praise him for it. Now visualize those hurtful words or acts with a shadow cast over them. Let this shadow show you the true insignificance of the behavior compared to the divine lovingkindness of God. Let that overshadow every other distressing word or act against you.

An easy way to get in the habit of letting God’s lovingkindness overshadow earthly unkindness is to continue on our journey of recognizing God’s favor! To look for God’s favor is to find God’s favor. In this Bible study God has helped us to perceive God’s shield of favor surrounding us. He has moved us to become aware of his favor and behold it with great value.

So God introduces this lesson to us at an ideal time when we have already begun to see his lovingkindness with his favor extended to us. Let God’s unlimited favor, benevolence and lovingkindness overshadow the insignificant human unkind words and acts. See his light of unconditional love and goodness toward you cast a shadow over the actions of mere humans.

With all that said, I declare and proclaim this, the words of God, over you ladies:

Numbers 6:26

The Lord make His face shine upon you [with favor], And be gracious to you [surrounding you with lovingkindness]

This week focus all your attention on the grand lovingkindness of God and his lush shield of favor surrounding you. Take notice of every nugget of God’s favor and praise him for it. Let all this attention directed at God’s benevolence and goodwill toward you cast shadows over earthly mistreatment and unkindness. Let it appear completely insignificant compared to all the gracious goodwill of God. Let your creative God-made mind visualize and form mental images of God’s lovingkindness overshadowing all uncaring on the earth directed at you. Notice I used the word “let” several times. “Let” means you have the ability to do it. It also means you are allowed and enabled by your Maker to do these things he has revealed to us today. You play an active part in putting earthly hurtful behavior in a category of insignificance in your life.

Do you realize what we are learning from God over and over again? He is giving us tools to see the truth and a heavenly perspective on earth. Thank you, Father God, for this loving lesson meant to give us more peace on earth. May this lesson resonate in the hearts and minds of the readers to call them to take the actions described here and find peace!


God is full of lovingkindness for me!


Republished 1/9/2022

(Originally published 6/12/2017)

Writer: Truly Peters (Kernea)

Author: GOD


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