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You Are on the Right Track

You are on the right track ladies!

Your life is going in the right direction!

I don’t care if it feels like it. I did not say “it feels like you are on the right track.” I am telling you now that you are on the right track! You are progressing! You are advancing every day! I have a funny feeling that some of you sweet ladies are thinking – what on earth is she talking about? You may say “take a look at my life, worries and disappointments, and then tell me I am on the right track.”

You are on the right track in your life!


You are a seeker of God your Creator, Jesus your Savior and the Holy Spirit your Helper. How can that not be going the right direction?

(If you are not this seeker because you have not met Jesus, I can help you there. Feel free to email me at any time, and we can connect to talk about it. I will answer any questions and be there for you. I am your sister in creation. I would love to comfort and guide you. Email me at anytime!)

On February 29, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young makes these statements of truth from God:

“YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH. Listen more to Me and less to your doubts. I am leading you along the way I designed just for you.” Jesus Calling

These two sentences propelled me! I felt a cause in my heart and mind to move forward and continue my course. I want the same for you.

Does it appear that I am on the right track all of the time? Of course not, especially with my earthly eyes and perception. In fact much of the time I question my direction. Oh ladies we so often forget to look at the very active spiritual world, and concentrate too much on just the things we see. No worries about that, I have extremely good news for you today!

When God states that we are on the right track and path; we can now have more assurance in these words. This assurance comes from our past weeks of meeting our Helper, the Holy Spirit, on a more personal level. This study has given us hope in a new way. I see my help is right here with me in the Holy Spirit more than I ever did before. I pray you are receiving the same incredible hope. We have learned to request and accept help from our Helper. We know that we know, that we know – we have a Helper sent from God! Thanks to meditation, we have more confidence in our Helper than possibly ever in our lives.

So with that said – YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK knowing you have Help!

This help

The Holy Spirit, your Helper,

is on the right track every time,

on every occasion

without fail.

You are on the right path, moving in the best direction and progressing with your Helper. This is an Almighty Helper sent by your Father God to you at the request of your Savior Jesus.

The two of you (you and the Holy Spirit) are on the right track!

The fact that you are learning to receive assistance from your Helper alone is evidence that you are making great strides on your life journey. Your desire and determination to follow God speaks volumes that you are clearly moving in the right direction. Do not let the doubts designed by Satan tell you otherwise. You know that is his focus. Don’t let the enemy discredit the truth of God. Good girls!

So today we CELEBRATE our lives are on the right track! Our path with the Holy Spirit is unshakable with a splendid destination planned by our Creator.

Meditation for the week:

I am on the right track with the unfailing Holy Spirit!

John 16:13

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

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All Rights Reserved.

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