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Meditation is Easy ~ Week 8

Seek Him.

Hi lovely Ladies!

I hope and pray that you realize how great your Father loves you! Life has been an interesting experience for me recently. I needed to know just how much that God knows the plans that He has for me this week. What about you? All that I can say is "He is great and greatly to be praised despite my circumstances." When life seems so uncertain, it just does not matter. He is GREAT! Circumstances give us doubts and questions. It is inevitable. Just when you think that life is going well, life throws you a curve! Do you feel that way sometimes? When we seek Him and meditate on Him life shows a problem. WHY? I will tell you why. Life is going so well with this meditating on his Word, then a circumstance shows up that does not seem to go with our positive meditating. Why? Because there is another one out there that we don't always remember or talk about often. That is Satan. If we believe God's Word, then we know it is true. I am not going to take you through scripture to believe it. You know Satan is real. I don't need to tell you. It is not a favorite topic. But if you want to know God intimately, you need to pay attention to our enemy. He absolutely exists! His only goal is to make you believe that God does not exist. If that does not work, he will work to make you believe His promises are void. Satan wants us to believe this meditating is not working or not for us. That would be his goal now! Don't believe it! Do you believe God's Word or that doubt? The doubt created by Satan is telling us to give up. Satan tells us "meditating is not going to work all the time." When you hear that doubt, know it is from the enemy! The voice of Truth is our Lord and his Word! Remember there is an enemy ready for a serious battle. However, we will hold fast on the Word and our Father God! Satan is not going to make this easy for us. But we know our Father knows the plans for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans for a good future. God is speaking to us! Just listen to that still small voice this week. This will help with those attacks of doubt from Satan. We do need to recognize that Satan is working to give us doubt and confusion. At the same time we must stop and listen to our Creator this week and not the enemy. Jeremiah 29:13 NIV You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Now is our time to go to verse 13. Seek Him with all your heart. Trust His Word. How do you seek Him with all your heart? Listen. Our time has come to mediate and LISTEN! Take time this week to listen for his voice. He is ready for you to hear Him. To seek Him with all your heart is to listen.

How do I listen in my packed schedule?

You simply take 5 minutes throughout your day and stop everything. Then meditate on Jeremiah 29:13, and tell God "I am seeking you and listening." If trying to quiet your mind is just not working, focus on the verse. Consider each word in the verse very slowly and it's meaning to both you and God. Your Father in heaven sees your efforts. He knows you are seeking him. He is pleased! He is thrilled! As you take it slow, try to take even just one minute to know He is with you and listen. You got this! I am so proud of you all and your meditation on the Word of the Almighty God!

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